Sharena's Exclusives 

Made Exclusively For You!


Sharena's Exclusives was established in March of 2018, with the idea of opening a boutique that was not only unique in clothing but also unique in the services it provided. With the desire to empower others by promoting local talent here in our own community, Sharena's Exclusives was born.

Why Us?

What makes Sharena's Exclusives so unique, is that we believe in supporting and promoting local talent. We know that we have individuals right here in the DMV area who are just as gifted as any fashion designer known and we are here to promote that talent and give back to our community.


At Sharena's we specialize in creating quality clothing made by local designers who have many years of experience with designing and customizing clothing for people of various sizes and ethnicity. We understand that everyone is unique and we create clothing that expresses individuality for every customer. Make no mistake, this boutique is not limited to gowns and dresses, we also provide everyday clothing such as business professional atire, skirts, blouses, pants, jumpsuites and more.


In addition, we also provide quality jewelry accessories such as bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and belts, so you can add an additional touch to your clothing. Call us today for an appointment.

Michele Deadwyler

Chief Executive Officer


Sharena's Exclusives
12608 Council Oak Dr.
Waldorf, MD 20601